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21st Century Personal Training

Dan Chisholm

Dan Chisholm, certified trainer and licensed massage therapist, writes about how he's been using FitSync to manage his personal training business since 2001. Here's what Dan has to say about FitSync, client management, and his paperless “Green” personal training.

“The clipboard, pieces of paper, or not logging workouts is not what people like in their personal training experience. FitSync is the easier, superior, and intelligent approach as clients today are smarter about fitness and have higher demands and greater expectations. FitSync will make you a better trainer and your clients better clients.”

Dan Chisholm,
B.S., A.C.E., L.M.T
Owner, Fitness & Massage Chicago
Chicago, Illinois

I have found FitSync to be one of the most advanced personal training software applications to date. FitSync exemplifies ease of use to both the trainer and the client. Straightforward navigational online tools and simple handheld functionality make FitSync easy to learn and to transition to from any other system.

FitSync exemplifies ease of use to both the trainer and the client. The commitment clients make in effort, time, and money towards their goals in wellness can be easily tracked and reviewed with FitSync. Clients have their information available to them 24/7: not in an open file cabinet in a gym or in a trainer's car.

Results are the bottom line of exercise prescription. With FitSync, we can track everything such as body fat %, weight, multiple circumference measurements, blood pressure, resting heart rate, VO2 max, Fat Mass, BMI, and even hydration levels on both the handheld and the online FitSync versions.

Trainers download their clients' information each day wirelessly. There is no fumbling around, analyzing paper when FitSync makes the data clear. By streamlining the process you can spend more time focusing on client needs and technique. Plus with a PDA that is FitSync enabled, a trainer's calendar is at hand for future sessions. With the Contacts section of the PDA a client's bio would be available to quickly refresh medical history and goals..



  • Value: There is no cost to clients. Users have the Web-only version available 24-hours. Clients can upgrade their account to sync their smart phones and bring their online workout to the gym.
  • Green: No paper plain and simple.
  • Arrangement of Data: FitSync puts together the information you enter into a user-friendly experience for exercise adherence.
  • Convenience: Log workouts on any PDA or mobile phone or download and print workouts from any computer.
  • Planning: A monthly calendar of workouts can be planned so the user can anticipate the upcoming exercises.
  • Expandable: Create any new exercises or workouts a user may want to try.
  • Journaling: Users can record comments that the trainer can view and comment on.
  • Communication: Users can contact the trainer with questions about the routines. Costs can be lower for clients who do not train multiple times each week or month but they still get the benefit of a trainer's guidance.
  • Measurement Tracking and Analysis: View multiple measurements over months.
  • Goal Tracking: Every exercise has goals to be set by the trainer and user.The website will show in graph format the percentage of each goal a user has achieved and regular intervals will help showcase gains in muscular strength and muscular endurance.
  • Secure: All users have a custom identification and password encrypted account. Everything is securely stored at FitSync so you don't have to worry about ever losing client records and it is always accessible.
  • Ranking: Competitive users can challenge one another worldwide for the FitSync leader positions or compare themselves to age and gender benchmarks.
  • Exercise Notes and Training Tips: Notes can be added for each exercise to record machine position adjustments as well as slight modifications needed for specific exercises.
  • Videos: There is a complete library of professionally produced exercise videos or you can upload your own video when creating your exercises.
  • Professionalism and Trainer's Image: The clipboard or the no recording of workouts is not what people like in their personal training experience. FitSync is the easier, superior, and intelligent approach to training smarter clients with higher demands and greater expectations.


Going paperless is not only good for business but good for the environment.

Old workouts and measurements on paper waste money on storage units, time to file and retrieve, and waste space.

Save money on paper, printing costs, trips to the office supply store, and time!

Sloppy handwriting and slow note taking during the workout are replaced by fast data entry on PDAs. Training notes and workout logs are now easy to read.

There are no files to move from different locations so independent trainers working at multiple locations don't have to carry heavy client information crates and folders.

There is no need to recycle old workouts because the whole system is paperless.

You don't have to make copies of workouts for clients; just post a workout to them online and it will show up on their mobile phone or their Palm™ or iPAQ.

The environment will thank you for doing what you can.

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